“Whatever the problem,
community is the answer”
– Margaret Wheatley



Students will explore and express the relationship between bilingualism, identity and sense of belonging to their local community through digital storytelling with guidance from visual artists Karin Hazé & Kiran Ambwani.

During this 3-7 week hybrid program, facilitated in person and on zoom, students will learn the various aspects of digital storytelling, from the creation of the storyboard, learning basic composition techniques, recording visual content and audio narration.

From Grade 6 Elementary, Secondary and Adult Education


This project must be completed by May 31, 2024.
It is estimated to take 3-7 weeks to complete.
Application deadline: February 29th
Selected Schools will be contacted by March 12th.


Teachers participate in an orientation session (Step 1) to work through how they will plan their project’s steps. Download Digital Storytelling Project Steps here: English, French.
Teachers organize the Students’ Get Inspired! reflections using the Guiding Questions (Step 2) with the I belong here! Project Management Team’s support. Download the question guide here: English, French.
The Teaching Artist (bios below) Collaborates with Teachers to engage Students in Digital Storytelling Creation (Step 3)
The project is celebrated, showcasing the Students’ creative process!
Teachers share their learning reflections from the project individually or in a learning community and complete the minimalist reporting.

Collaborating artists

Passionate about people, the spaces they create and inhabit, their lifestyle, and the arts, KIRAN AMBWANI is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Montreal, Canada. Kiran believes in the power of photography as a creative means for telling urgent stories about the human condition and our environment. Equipped with a formal academic background in anthropology and environmental studies, she uses her images to inspire change and generate support for communities. Driven by a curiosity for the problematics encountered by marginalized populations, Kiran has explored, among others, the lives of Tibetan monks in exile in south India, the survivors of child trafficking in Mumbai & Kathmandu, the inhabitants of Dharavi slum in Mumbai, and post-disaster relief efforts in Nepal, Ecuador and Haiti. Her photographic essays from around the world highlighting issues such as womens’ struggles, human rights, disaster recovery and poverty have been diffused by various publications worldwide.

Kiran has also facilitated several photography workshops in Canada and abroad, for seniors and youth. Working on issues of creativity, identity and self- esteem, the resulting images have been shared with the public via exhibition and publication. Art and community engagement connect the many facets of Kiran’s artistic practice.

Born in 1978 in Lucknow, India, Kiran is a graduate of McGill University and the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions of her personal work in Canada, Japan, India and Nepal.

KARIN HAZÉ is an experimental filmmaker, curator, and mentor based in Montreal. With a fearless spirit and a steadfast dedication to amplifying marginalized voices, Karin has forged a unique path in the world of art and cinema.

From a young age, Karin displayed her passion for film by setting a Guinness World Record as a teenager for watching the longest silent film, Les Cinématons. This early achievement foreshadowed the artistic journey that lay ahead. Karin went on to pursue her academic aspirations at Concordia University and Parsons New School of Design, further honing her skills and knowledge.

Karin’s upbringing played a significant role in shaping her artistic approach. At the core of Karin’s artistic vision is her poetic sensibility, allowing her to create timeless compositions and immersive experiences. Her expertise lies in fostering international collaborations that advance humanitarian causes, particularly through her role as the founder and executive director of 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema. This groundbreaking non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting queer cinema from the Global South, utilizing innovative streaming and in-person platforms such as The Cinema Feast Collection, Under the Radar as well as the Pocket Cinema film production training. Through these initiatives, Karin not only showcases emerging talents but also gives voice to those who have been marginalized and dehumanized.

Karin has spearheaded and curated numerous international film festivals across Canada, showcasing her relentless dedication to challenging the status quo and providing invaluable insights. Additionally, Karin has ventured into the world of music as a DJ and promoter at the legendary Sticky Mike’s Frog Café in NYC, using her talents to bring people together and foster connections.

Karin Hazé has an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and uplifting unheard voices. Her creative prowess and catalytic spirit have made a significant impact in the world of cinema and beyond. Through her bold artistic expression and tireless advocacy, Karin continues to be a bridge, connecting communities and inspiring change.