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Project proposals can be submitted in: October (round 1) OR January (round 2).

The Community Service Learning (CSL) project must be completed by June 1st.

Registration deadline for Round 1: September 30th

Project Requirements

  1. Teachers participate in a 60-minute webinar about CSL (highlighting project examples, planning and classroom resources).
  2. Teachers (or Community Development Agents) complete a short application form that:
    • Describes the CSL project.
    • Lists anticipated costs (schools can apply for up to 2K).
  3. The CSL project must include:
    • Student reflection and discussion about the theme of belonging.
    • A service to the community.
    • A community partner (i.e., a local organization or community member that can enhance student learning or facilitate access to the members of the community being served).

*LEARN is developing a catalogue of project examples. We will reach out to select teachers (or Community Development Agents) to document their project.

Teachers will be provided with:

Teachers can ask their school’s Community Development Agent to help:

  • Complete grant application form
  • Identify and coordinate with community partner(s)

Open to students in cycle 3 and up

Registration deadline for Round 1: September 30th