“Whatever the problem,
community is the answer”
– Margaret Wheatley


Tell a Story
In podcasting, FSL & ESL teachers and students collaborate with an artist to develop podcast episodes exploring the themes of bilingualism and belonging in Quebec society.


This project must be completed by April 1st, 2023.
It is estimated to take 8-12 weeks to run.
Registration deadline: October 7th

Project Requirements

  1. FSL & ESL teachers and students work together.
  2. Students conduct a series of linguistic risk-taking challenges.
  3. Teachers and students collaborate with Guillaume Jabbour (ELAN) to develop podcast episodes exploring the themes of bilingualism and belonging in Quebec society.

*LEARN is developing a catalogue of project examples. We will reach out to select teachers (or Community Development Agents) to document their project.

Teachers will be provided with:

All materials available in English and French

  • A series of linguistic challenges for students (Download)
  • A one-pager outlining the steps of the project and curriculum connections (download)
  • Interview guide for students exploring the themes of bilingualism and belonging (download)


  • Coordinate payment processes with LEARN and/or ELAN
  • Identify or develop opportunities for students to share their work within the school or wider community

Open to students in cycle 3 and up Spots are limited to a maximum of one class per school.

Registration deadline: October 7th

Collaborating artist

Born from a french Canadian mother and a Palestinian father and raised in Lachute, Qc, Guillaume Jabbour fronts original music band Jabbour and is involved in other musical projects as a professional performing and studio musician. Guillaume has also incorporated the art of interviewing people into his artistic practice, which has led to creating podcasts that intertwine stories, music, audio captures of real sounds and sonic effects. As an Art Educator, he is interested in using tech in the classroom to create sonic art. Guillaume lives with his wife and two children in Gore, Qc, where he can often be seen with a handheld recorder waiting for the perfect moment to capture the lonely call of the loon.