LEARN & ELAN have joined forces to invite all English language public schools in the province of Quebec to participate in the ‘I Belong’  project!

Empower your students to explore their identity and sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts.


Empower your students by connecting them to their community and their capacity to create.

Gain access to classroom resources developed by LEARN and Hands On Media Education.

Engage learners whether you are teaching in the classroom, at a distance or both!

Option 1

Spoken word


Students explore the relationship between identity and belonging through spoken word with guidance from Liana/Luca Cusmano, a two-time Montreal Slam champion, poets Deanna Smith and Jason Selman or renowned storyteller Nina Segalowitz. This 4-6 week project will culminate in an opportunity for students to participate in a virtual Spoken Word Slam.

Option 2

Digital Storytelling

Tell a story

Students explore what it means to them to belong to a community as they participate in a 6-week Digital Storytelling project, with support from digital media experts at Hands On Media Education.

Option 3

Comic zine

Take Action

Students interview seniors from their community to learn more about their contributions and connections to Quebec society. Their stories act as the foundation for the student-led creation of a comic-zine, with guidance from comic-artist Laurence Dionne or graphic novelist Scott MacLeod. This 4-6 week project culminates with the presentation of a comic-zine to participating seniors and the broader community.

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Digital Storytelling

Fall 2021


Adult Learning
Adult Learning


Digital Storytelling

Fall 2020

Grade 5/6
Riverside School Board
Grade 9
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
School Board