LEARN & ELAN have joined forces to invite all English language public schools in the province of Quebec to participate in the ‘I Belong’  project!

Empower your students to explore their identity and sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts.


Empower your students by connecting them to their community and their capacity to create.

Gain access to classroom resources developed by LEARN and Hands On Media Education.

Engage learners whether you are teaching in the classroom, at a distance or both!

Option 1


make art

Students explore and express their identity and sense of belonging to their local communities by storytelling with puppets and everyday objects. The students’ creative process is guided by professional puppeteers.

Blended Approach

Synchronous Approach

Option 2

Digital Storytelling

Tell a story

Students explore what it means to them to belong to a community as they participate in a 6 to 8 week Digital Storytelling project, with support from digital media experts.

Option 3


Take action
Students engage in a Community Service Learning project, where they have an opportunity to take positive actions that foster a greater understanding and sense of belonging to their communities.

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Facts and figures

From the 2020-2021 school year

  • 46 English language schools, 100 classrooms, 12 Quebec-based artists from ELAN and 1780 students participated
  • 65% of participating schools are members of the CLC network
  • 900+ digital stories
  • 200+ spoken word pieces
  • 26 make art projects involving 553 students
  • 9 comic zines created by 184 students
  • 8 take action projects led by 233 students

Highlights from last year