“Whatever the problem,
community is the answer”
– Margaret Wheatley


Inspired by Y4Y’s Youth Mentors and their own reflections on what motivates them to develop their French communication skills, students are guided to create Comic zines that share how they connect with their second language learning. Bilingual comic artist Laurence Dea Dionne or graphic novelist Scott MacLeod will collaborate with teachers virtually and visit schools in-person to facilitate the creative process with students over 3-7 weeks, culminating in a celebration of the students’ work.
From Grade 5 (Cycle 3) Elementary, Secondary and Adult Education


This project must be completed by May 31, 2024. It is estimated to take 3-7 weeks to complete.
Application deadline: February 29th
Selected Schools will be contacted by March 12th.


Teachers participate in an orientation session (Step 1) to work through how they will plan their project’s steps. Download Comic Zine Project Steps here: English, French.
Teachers organize the Students’ Get Inspired! reflections using the Guiding Questions (Step 2) with the I belong here! Project Management Team’s support. Download the question guide here: English, French.
The Teaching Artist (bios below) Collaborates with Teachers to Engage Students in Comic Zine Creation (Step 3)
The project is celebrated, showcasing the Students’ creative process!
Teachers share their learning reflections from the project individually or in a learning community and complete the minimalist reporting.

Orientation & Planning Support:

Teachers may apply for ½ day of release time at the beginning and end of the project to meet with the LEARN consultants and the Artists and to have individual planning time. Throughout the Project, LEARN will offer Teachers support as needed.

Collaborating artists

LAURENCE DEA DIONNE shares their time between three loves: drawing, stories, and family. In their life, and through their works (among others: Nuances, Zen & the Ephemeral, and the Homeward series written by author Francis McNamee), this artist promotes bilingualism, a testament to their Montreal origin, in addition to wellness; most notably mental health and gender identity. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in art education from Concordia University, Laurence teaches comics in the public system and in the community; sharing the magic of art and speaking to the importance of wellness throughout the world.

SCOTT MACLEOD was born in Canada and is of Norse, Irish and Scottish lineage. Scott is a multimedia artist and filmmaker, he received a D.E.C. in Fine Arts at John Abbott College, a BFA and MA from Concordia University.

He attended The Banff Centre on the Tevie and Arliss Miller scholarship, studied master works at The Uffizi Gallery in Florence on the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Scholarship. He is a fellow at The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico and a recipient of the William Blair Bruce European Travel Fine Arts Scholarship from the Canadian Scandinavian Foundation and an affiliate at the COHDS at Concordia University.

His work has been collected by corporations and museums. He teaches privately, consults and lectures on better business and creative art practices. His company MacLeod 9 Productions has collaborated on seven film projects with the National Film Board of Canada to produce educational films, graphic novels and web content as teaching tools for schools, libraries, Parks Canada, museums and the public. His work can be seen at www.macleod9.com.

In June 2017, July 2018, August 2022 and July 2023 he attended the SIM Residency in Reykjavik Iceland. His current film and graphic novel projects are on the Hiberno-Norse settlement of Iceland.