Digital Storytelling


This 6-week project will run from February to March Projects must be completed by May 1st.
Registration deadline: February 5th

Project Requirements

  1. Teachers participate in the 1.5hr online Digital Storytelling Workshop delivered by Hands on Media Education, where they learn the details of the 6-week program, important concepts of Digital Literacy and Digital Storytelling & how this program directly applies curriculum links.
  2. Teachers review scripts prepared by students.

Project at a Glance

Week 1

  • 1.5hr Online Digital Storytelling Workshop delivered to teachers
  • Digital Storytelling workshop Module #1 is delivered to students by video and activity template
  • First Zoom/Online Meet-Up takes place with students

Weeks 2-6

  • Modules #2-6 take place: Photography, Storytelling, Storyboarding, Video Editing, Music Creation, & final Digital Storytelling completion

Week 6

  • Virtual Film Screening of Completed Digital Stories will be hosted by Hands On Media Education for students to be held accountable, celebrate each other’s work and learn about each other

*LEARN is developing a catalogue of project examples. We will reach out to select teachers (or Community Development Agents) to document their project.

Students will be provided with:

  • 6 customized Digital Storytelling workshop video webinars
  • Downloadable workshop materials for students
  • Weekly Zoom/Online Meet-Ups for students
  • Digital Storytelling online community
  • Virtual Screening Event

Teachers will be provided with:

  • Question prompts for students
    (download pdf)
  • Grading rubric (use is optional)

In CLC schools, teachers can ask their school’s Community Development Agent to help:

  • Coordinate activities with Hands on Media Education
  • Coordinate payment processes with LEARN and/or ELAN

Open to students in cycle 3 and up

Registration deadline: February 5th

Spots are limited to a maximum
of two classes per school.

Digital Storytelling

Fall 2020

Grade 5/6
School Board
Grade 5/6
School Board
Grade 9
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
School Board
Grade 9
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
School Board

The online Digital Storytelling Workshops of this program are from Hands on Media Education