Making C3 Work in the (Intensive) ESL Classroom – June 7, 2017
Presenters: The MEES ESL Programs Team – Teresa Capparelli and Pascale Pellerin

  • Teresa Capparelli is a collaborator with the MEES ESL programs team. She has co-authored various official MEES documents and secondary ESL materials. She has taught ESL secondary students as well as adult learners. 
  • Pascale Pellerin is a collaborator with the MEES ESL programs team. She has been an ESL teacher for 18 years, ten of which as an Intensive English teacher for the CSDM.  She has completed a master’s degree related to online communities of practice to support ESL teachers.

When students are asked To Write Texts (C3) in the Elementary ESL program, they are initiated to writing as a process. What is the importance of using a writing process in the ESL classroom? What are the five phases of the writing process? How can writing prompts, such as photographs or other images, be used to help students improve as writers?

In this interactive web event, the characteristics of a solid Competency Three task will be described. Then, participants will be presented with a writing process adapted for Intensive ESL students. Peer feedback will also be explored as a way to enhance the revising and editing phases of the writing process. Come and discover suggestions and hands-on activities to make C3 work in the Cycle Three ESL classroom!


Resource list for Making C2 Work in the (Intensive) ESL Classroom
1. C3 Information Sheet
2. Overview of the C3 Task
3-4-5-6. Students Handouts: Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3 and Handout 4
7. Writing Process Poster
8. SOAP Poster (Proofreading Marks)
9. C3 Evaluation Tool
10. C3 Web Event Bibliography