Welcome to our first live stream called #citystory

A city story can be about anything that might happen in the city or the country. Making small models of houses and buildings will help make your stories come alive… What will your city story be about?

This post will provide all the resources and tutorials on how to create your very own city story.

Today’s BookGoing Places by Peter Reynolds

Paper Templates

Using paper templates of buildings to make your city story.

See templates in Google drive courtesy of template.net


Origami Templates

Use paper that is a perfect square for all these folded houses. Checkout the models


Rock Houses

Let’s find some cool rocks from around your house and turn them into houses and buildings for your citystory.


Cardboard Construction

Find used cardboard from around the house and transform it into cool buildings and houses for your citystory.


Advanced project combining Makey Makey and Scratch

Suggested Apps

Book Creator

iMotion HD


Play House

#citystory Activity Page • April 2020
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