Brown Bagging it!

30 different, 10 minute design thinking challenges for learners of all ages • MATRIX | Teacher’s Guide | Prototyping Materials List

Design Challenges are an excellent way for students to show their community what they know about something, and how to implement it. These challenges can be used to show a given content, prototype an idea, and even save the world!

Design Challenges from PBS Kids

COVID-19 Design Challenges – Elementary

How might we deliver meals to students and families who need them? Remember we need to maintain “social distancing” of 6 feet to keep everyone safe.

How can we show kindness for others during this time of social distancing?

How can we help people to travel and interact with others safely if they have to leave their homes?

How can we greet each other without touching or getting close to another

Once we are able to return to school, how can we help kids to feel safe?

COVID-19 Design Challenges – High School

How might we make distance learning fun, engaging and productive for all learners?

How might people stay active while at home? How about if they are self-quarantining?

How might we protect essential workers from illness and burnout (feeling overstressed and overworked)?

How might we leverage technology to help people to find supplies that they need, when they need them?

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