Inspired by makerspaces, these capsules are designed to inspire educators in creating engaging, hands-on lessons for students using household materials. The videos are full of curriculum connections, helpful strategies, technical demonstrations, and skill development for all learners at all levels. Accompanying resources for both students and teachers supplement the videos.

The hashtags were inspired by Exploratorium’s The Tinkering Studio

Capsule 1 – #KitchenTableTinkering Activity Page

Have a look at our mini design challenges, brain gym for creativity.

Capsule 2 – #RoundTheWorld_ChainReaction Activity Page

Have you heard about marble runs or Rube Goldberg Machines? This video is designed to show the basic concepts for teachers and students to start creating awesome machines right away!

Capsule 3 – #ExploringSpinning Activity Page

Newton’s laws are explored through the making of tops.

Capsule 4 – #MarbleMaze Activity Page

In this capsule, we explore how gravity and probability influence our environment.

Capsule 5 – #LightUpOurDays Activity Page

This capsule explores how to use light and shadow to create unique forms of art and expression.

Capsule 6 – #CardboardConstruction Activity Page

This capsule focuses on using cardboard as a material for prototyping and creation.

Capsule 7 – #ExploringBalance Activity Page

This capsule does a deep dive into gravity, mass, centre of mass and inertia.

Capsule 8 – #StopMotion Activity Page

This capsule focuses on all things to do with stop motion, animation and integrating into all subject areas. Great fun for all students!