In this first kick at the can I will be unboxing some servo motors and hooking them up to a Micro:bit. Once they’re hooked up, what can we create with them?

Curriculum Connections: I followed the technological design process from our curriculum, concepts from systems & interactions (effects of my programming on real instruments), and techniques & instruments for assembling my prototype which I like to call “Music Maker.” My math mindset was also involved with measurement and angles.

Materials: Micro:bit and Servo Kit

Software: Makecode for Micro:bitf

Part 1: Unboxing

Part 2: The Hook-Up

Part 3: Planning our Code

Part 4: Coding our Servos

Part 5: The Final Code

Part 6: The Results




Going Further: Integrating servo with musical instruments

Tinkering on the Kitchen Table: Unboxing Servos for Micro:bits
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