Inspired by makerspaces, these capsules are designed to inspire educators in creating engaging, hands-on lessons for students using household materials. The videos are full of curriculum connections, helpful strategies, technical demonstrations, and skill development for all learners at all levels. Accompanying resources for both students and teachers supplement the videos.

The hashtags were inspired by Exploratorium’s The Tinkering Studio

Exploring Balance#ExploringBalance Activity Page

This capsule will give you all the resources and ideas you’ll need to bring engaging, hands-on making into your classroom or in an online environment. Let’s get exploring!

#ExploreLightandShadow Activity Page

Explore the amazing interplay of lights, shadows, reflections, and refractions with our new capsule entitled #ExploreLightAndShadow. This capsule is a wonderful way to get your students observing and tinkering with the world around them in a playful way.

#StopMotion Activity Page

This capsule focuses on all things to do with stop motion, animation and integrating into all subject areas. Great fun for all students!