Basic Programming

  1. Hello World! Learn your basics! Open the program and its possibilities!
  2. Learning to Program with Python – Several foundation activities (Basic, 10-20 min)
  3. Python Quick Reaction Game (Basic, 30 min)
  4. Your first game EVER (Basic, 3 hrs)

Media Creation on RPi

SonicPi is an exciting program that enables you to produce music with your Raspberry Pi! There are simple tutorials below to help get you started!

    1. A step-by-step tutorial for beginners
    2. Sonic Pi has a complete list of tutorials and projects over here!
    3. You can bookmark this cheatsheet for future reference.

Playing with Sensors on RPi

We can interact with our environment by connecting our Raspberry Pi to some basic sensors. Start small and build from there!

  1. Simple Recipes for RPi Sensors – (Beginner, 20 min. to 3 hours)
  2. GPIO Music Box
  3. Using Inputs with GPIO (Beginner, 30 minutes)
  4. Physical Computing with Scratch (Beginner, 1 to 2 hours)
  5. Build a Theremin using the Program S4A


Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

You can create with Scratch or explore projects that were created by users themselves on any range of topic, from tutorials, to games, or whatever is currently popular.

If you are a parent, or an educator, there is helpful information for you. For instance, check out their educational guide!

For our tinkerers, we encourage you to try remixing other people’s projects! Copy someone else’s project and change it to make it your own (with credit, of course). If the Wiki link doesn’t explain how to remix well enough, then let’s see how other Scratchers explain the concept!

Host or attend a Raspberry Pi Jam: make a larger project with friends guided by these helpful pages. Available in many languages!