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Stop Motion – Film making technique whereby objects are manipulated and photographed in a sequence to create an illusion of movement.

#StopMotion is one of those things that can be done in all grade levels and all subject areas, it is just figuring out our pedagogical intention and giving students time to create. This activity page and live stream will show some techniques and strategies behind making great #StopMotion videos.

Pedagogical Connections:

#StopMotion can connect to any curriculum, as students use this process to illustrate their understanding of the content teachers wish them to learn. This visual artifact is a perfect assessment for any class and your students will love you for bringing it to them.


Storyboard Docs One / Two

Rubric for Claymation

Lesson Plan Ideas from Craig Lauridsen (PDF)


Two-frame animation via Exploratorium | Animation Studio

Integration ideas into science, history, math, literacy

#StopMotion on Twitter


iMotion HD (iOS)

Stop Motion Studio (Android)

Chromebook Extension

Types of Stop Motion:

Object-Motion — moving or animating objects
Claymation — moving clay
Pixilation — moving or animating people
Cutout-Motion — moving paper/2D material
Puppet Animation — moving puppets
Flip Books – flip through a sequence of drawings

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Your camera must be steady
  2. Make a backdrop or background for your scene
  3. Don’t touch the camera once you have begun taking photos
  4. Always shoot in “manual” mode
  5. Get your lighting right, make sure your shots are clear, and focused
  6. Take a ton of pictures. 12 photos = 1 second
  7. Keep in mind if you plan on adding audio you’ll need to plan timing.


#StopMotion Activity Page – 2021
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