LEARN worked with a grade 1 class for its’ first official STEAM Day of the year. What a wonderful day. These students learned how to cooperate, share, communicate, create, innovate, build, code, program all in a day. Mme. Pascale’s class are geniuses – I had to simple show a few things and then get out of the way. This is learning, this is school.

Learning that robots only do what we tell them to do
Turtle Art fun… Students made amazing art using math.
Flip book animation with animation-ish…
Claymation in action.
It took these students minutes to figure out vibration is the driving force behind artbots.
Lego challenges: Build a dinosaur, a bridge, a skater dude…
Binary bracelet; build a bracelet with your initials in code…

IMG_6829 fullsizeoutput_185a IMG_6835

Edgewater Elementary Grade 1 STEAM Day – Sept. 2017
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