When I started delivering PD for the Adult Education community at Eastern Shores School Board, the best method at the time was to offer webinars.  So, Avi Spector (RECIT FGA Regional Service) and I collaborated to prepare and deliver a series of webinars.  These were quite successful and were well attended among our Teachers.

These webinars were created based on Teacher needs, and the content was made available electronically for viewing later.  The presentations and all related resources, were compiled into specific Boards on the on the ESSB Pinterest Site.







Will there be more Webinars?

We intend to continue the webinar format for sharing PD with our teachers.  However, we recognize the challenge in scheduling dates and release time for teachers to participate in this type of PD.  As you read on, you will see how the webinars will continue to complement Teacher learning.

What is the Technology Lead Teacher (TLT)?

The ICT-PERC (Technology Planning and Evaluation Committee) initiated a concept where someone at each Centre would be a liaison for PD opportunities and help develop Learning Communities.

With the demographic and geographic realities of ESSB, it is not possible to have a TLT for each Adult Ed Centre. As such, I offered to do this within my role as the Local RECIT for ESSB Adult Education.  

As the TLT for ESSB Adult Education, I will promote and support the development of Learning Networks among our teachers, and help identify relevant PD resources.  

Here are a few good starting places:

Introducing PD Mosaic!

Recent ICT-PERC discussions have exposed a provincial need for asynchronous and autonomous PD for teachers, especially in the Adult Ed Sector.  This simply refers to PD which…

  • is accessible anywhere and anytime.

  • is compatible with the Teacher’s schedule.

  • complements the individual content needs of each Teacher.

  • can be repeated and reviewed as needed.

This individual PD Path for Teachers has evolved into PD Mosaic http://pdmosaic.com/, and may become our primary source for PD.  It provides the most varied spectrum of resources, the most autonomy for Teachers, and it has no time/scheduling constraints associated with it.  

We will still offer webinars based on any gaps identified in the PD Mosaic, or to simply enrich/complement the PD Mosaic content.

To better understand PD Mosaic, check out this video (click image below)

More Sources of News, Information, and PD resources!

ESSB Adult Education-FGA Board on Pinterest

This resource is specifically for the Adult Education Community.



Pinterest Screen Cap.jpgESSB Pinterest Page

This resource spans the Youth sector and Adult Ed.  Resources are classified by subjet (Math, ELS, FLS, Social Sciences, etc), which overlap both sectors.


ESSB Youtube Adult Ed Playlist

This resource is specifically for the Adult Ed Community.


ESSB Youtube Channel

Once again, this resource spans the Youth sector and Adult Ed.  Resources are classified by subject (Math, ELS, FLS, Social Sciences, etc), which overlap both sectors.


 What about Twitter?

Twitter is also being explored as a method to help Teachers network.  This method may be in its infancy with Adult Education Teachers, and will likely become the second step in developing Teacher Learning Networks. With the use of PD Mosaic, Teachers will certainly identify a clear path for their own learning.  Once this is established, we can expand this to networking opportunities with others on a similar PD path.

In the meantime, here are some FGA Education people to follow on twitter

@recit4essb https://twitter.com/RECIT4ESSB

@a_spector https://twitter.com/a_spector

@tracyrosen https://twitter.com/tracyrosen

Do you have any resources to share with our community?

What are your sources to stay up-to-date in the classroom?

All feedback and comments are welcome.  

Let’s continue the conversation about PD and Learning Communities for Adult Education!