Hello ESSB Community.  

The Fit and Grit cyclists did it!   We finished day 5 of our journey, just before the fog and rain rolled in over the town of Gaspe.  It was a much cooler temperature today and we alternated between  warm layers, rain gear, and sunscreen throughout the day.

We braved  the incredible vertical climb at Perce before making our way to Gaspe Polyvalent.  Thankfully this was our last day.   Our riders had very little left in the tank after starting the day with the huge ascent.  We finished the remaining distance after the climb on guts alone.  We can confidently say that we paralleled all the other ESSB students who collaborated in the Fit and Grit challenge over the past few months, to exercise the equivalent circumference of planet Earth (40,000 KM).  One event required individuals to contribute independently, the other required perfect team-work.  Both accomplishments are yours to to be proud of.

What an amazing group of Students and Staff who participated in our bike ride.  The tour route planner (and resident meteorologist) Mark Legresley, commented on the amazing team-work exerted by our group.  Cycling safely and efficiently as a pack on the road was impressive.  Even more impressive, was the selfless contributions to setting up and closing down camp, or preparing and cleaning up after meals. Nobody put themselves before the team.   Each person contributed to moving this bucket list item, into the ‘done’ column.

A huge congratulations  to Adrian, Sam, Ray, Keishawn, Jewel,  Joe, Brayden, Jasmine, Tanner, and Kimberley. As Evergreen Teacher Zak Likely indicated during our closing remarks with the group, You have accomplished something that very few people can ever claim.  You traveled from Escuminac to Gaspe (400 Kms)…ON A BIKE!

The arrival at Gaspe Poly this afternoon and brief celebration was bitter-sweet. Good times were enjoyed, and friendships were formed.  It is difficult to say goodbye to a good thing when the time comes.  The group hugs lingered, as each student was delivered to their respective communities.

A big thank you to the ESSB organizers, staff riders, support drivers, and food preparation team.  Also, thank you to all ESSB Board Office Staff, School Staff, Family, and Friends who greeted us at the various stops along the way.  We really appreciated your smiles and cheers during the course of these past 5 days.


A special thanks to Paul Rombough at LEARN Quebec for charting our daily stops and enhancing them with interesting commentary with the Cartograph tool.  Check out his amazing contribution to our journey here…



I’ll share more details about today’s ride, along with additions to the previous 4 days, as things settle in the next few days.


Today’s Stats:

Distance traveled: 67.7 Km

Time in the saddle: 3 hrs 31 mins

Total Elevation gain: 772 meters

No repairs needed today (woo-hoo!)