Today was our fastest ride so far.  We had a gear tail-wind, which provided a needed boost on this fourth day of riding.


We set out from Colborne Park with a 3 Km ride up a gravel road.  We chose to walk and hitch a ride in the Fit and Grit support van.  It was much too steep to climb the 3 Km without slipping out.  We learned our lesson when we rode down that same road last evening.  Joe and Sam each went over the handlebars in different parts of the descent.  Joe got the worst of it with a deep gash to his forearm, after a front flip over his handlebars.  Sam looked like a Cirque du Soleil performer with a spectacular handstand and front flip, landing at the feet of fellow riders waiting near the bottom.  Miraculously, Sam was not harmed during his performance.


Pit stops were brief today but still enjoyable.  Pabos Beach in Chandler was spectacular and local area Teacher Zak Likely and student Kimberly led us around the recreation path at the park.  That short stretch of road was the smoothest we’ve seen all trip.  From there, a little sprint ensued where Joe tried to leave Mark, Anne  and Craig in his dust.  Unfortunately, Joe’s wheel was destroyed in the process because of his explosive leg power.  The wheel hub actually warped from the power of his stride.  Some believe the real story behind the disintegrated wheel is the curse of racing ‘veteran’ riders.


We had a chance meeting with Strava leader, Jean-Pierre Dupuis.  Strava tracks cycling enthusiasts according to a few categories like distances and elevation climbed.  When we met Jean-Pierre he was half way through a 200 km ride for the day.  Now there is someone who lives by the ‘Fit and Grit’ motto!

See his stats here


Today was the Mr. Likely and Kimberly show, since Chandler is their stomping ground.  They took us to Evergreen School for a quick picture and water refill.


Our support driver Glenn, kept us well fed at L’Anse-a-Beaufils with 4 barbecue chicken for sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, pasta salads, hummus, guacamole, and fresh veggies with dip.  I’m sure I left out something of the lunch.  I can’t believe how well we are eating on this trip.  A big special ‘thank you’ to Rose Bourdage, who prepared all of our meals in advance and packaged them for a fraction of the cost of buying meals on the road.


While we are on the road, Glenn Hayes is the real MVP of this event, with Mark Gallibois a close second. They stay behind to clear and pack after meals, while we ride off.  They arrive before us at pit stops to make sure our meals are ready to go without delay.  I should also mention that they respond to urgent bike and rider repairs, to get us back on the road in minutes.


We took a spin by the Pit Caribou Micro Brewery.  They are the folks who won the best American Brown Ale at the 2015 world Beer Awards.  ESSB can certainly relate to organizations who work hard and persevere.  Remember, we were among the top School Boards in Quebec for 2015.  Let’s keep that going, ESSB!


Our next stop was to pose in front of one of the world’s natural wonders.  Students and Staff alike, were noticeably silent in the presence of this gem.  La Roche Perce really does take your breath away.


Our final destination of Day 4 was La Maison Rouge in the heart of Perce, where we tucked in for a delicious supper and some much needed rest.


Today’s stats:

Distance traveled: 70,8 km

Time in the saddle: 3hrs 14 mins

Total elevation climbed: 510 meters

Max elevation: 105 meters

Max speed 72 km/hr


1 Flat, again on Sam’s bike. (We discovered a piece of metal in Sam’s tire that got in there yesterday.  We finally put an end to these recurring flats…we hope).

1 Broken wheel on Joe’s bikel, which necessitated using a substitute bike brought for that very reason.
See you tomorrow 🙂