Parent Resources

My Goodnight Bag is a project that offers resources for families with children 3 to 5 years old to help establish healthy bedtime routines. You can access digital resources to help support your efforts and find out how to connect with your school or community organization to participate in local family events.

Bedtime resources

Colour Your Bedtime Routine

The bedtime routine colouring book includes the images from the checklist and the steps written out in both English and French to help reinforce each step in a healthy bedtime routine. Download the Bedtime Coloring book.

Bedtime Solutions for Families

Learn about the opportunities and challenges of bedtime from Early Childhood Education Specialist Charity McNally Kerrigan, who shares insights into the importance of an attachment-based approach to bedtime and beyond.

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Bedtime Stories

Are you looking for a wonderful bedtime story to share with your child? We have teamed up with local authors and illustrators to offer you a selection of bedtime stories to read or listen to, in both English and French.

Making the Kit Work for YOUR Family

My Goodnight Bag is full of resources that you can use to create a bedtime routine that works for your family. There are no requirements and you can adapt the contents to work for your family. Here are some ideas from families getting creative with the kit:

Personalizing the checklist

  • Print a copy of the checklist and cut out each step.
  • Have your child reflect on their bedtime routine and reorder the steps, leaving out any that may not work for your family and adding any steps in between (you can add strips of paper with your added steps). You can also add specific details: the time, which stories or lullabies, etc.
  • Paste the new steps onto a large sheet of paper or cardboard (you can use a cereal box carton or a box for something more sturdy)
  • Put it up somewhere the child can see it.

More variations

  • You can take photos of your child at each step in the bedtime routine and add it to each step.
  • Ask your child to go through each step in the bedtime routine with their favourite stuffed animal to learn through play.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Learn about the fundamentals of healthy sleep habits from Dr. Pamela Mitelman from the Kids’ Sleep Clinic in Montreal, Quebec. Have more questions? Contact your local pediatrician.

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Families can attend a healthy bedtime routine workshop and participate in scheduled activities (in-person or online) offered by their local CLC school.

Connect with your local school or your local CLC school to find out about any upcoming workshops for families.