Resources to Animate
your Workshops

The Goodnight Bag resources can be an integral part of a family support strategy and a foundational part of the transition to school strategy.

You are invited to use the Goodnight Bag resources as a bridge between the community and school services, helping parents and their children feel more confident and prepared to navigate the next step(s). The following resources can help guide the process.


1Working Together for Our Little Ones

Everything you need to organize and facilitate a planning session with partners and collaborators.
  • Collaborative planning guide (download PDF)
  • PPT for collaborative planning session and Partnership agreement templates  (download)

2Teachers guide

3Project Guidebook

Everything you need to plan a Goodnight Bag project, from outreach and collective planning to gathering and sharing data with stakeholders, in one PDF (download)


Healthy Sleep Habits

Learn about the fundamentals of healthy sleep habits from Dr. Pamela Mitelman from the Kids’ Sleep Clinic in Montreal, Quebec. While this video is intended to inform educators and animators (particularly the Q&A section), there is a similar video in the parents section that caters specifically to parents.

Basic of Health Sleep (46:47 minutes)


1Bedtime Routine Presentation for Parents

Download the PowerPoint presentation and edit the slides to reflect your community’s needs and available resources. The presentation includes information shared in the Healthy Sleep Habits training video. (download PPT)

2Workshop Ideas

3Workshop Poster

Add your workshop details to the poster and don’t forget to include your partners’ logos! (download PNG)

4Local ressources template


Create a bedtime kit that caters to the specific needs of the families you support. (Link to Survey). 

What you can include in the kit

If you are a CLC school, order the Goodnight Bag Kit

In Quebec, the Goodnight Bag kits are available through CLC schools. To locate your closest CLC school, check the list on this page.

In order to receive the complete Goodnight Bag kit, schools must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a CLC school with access to a CDA who can coordinate the project (find your closest CLC school here ).
  • Collaborate and co-plan the project with at least two of the following: Local Health and Social Services Organization (NPI/CIUSSS/CISSS); Local literacy group; School board transition agent; Local organization that provide services to families of children 3 to 5 years old.
  • Submit a signed partnership/service agreement with a local community organization (for animation of activity) to LEARN.
  • Host a workshop (at school/in the community/online) for families with children aged 3 to 5 animated by a trained facilitator. 

Examples of Goodnight Bag Kits

If your school or organization is not eligible to receive the Goodnight Bag kits through LEARN, you can create your own version by following the recommended guidelines in the project guidebook and downloading the digital resources: You can also order materials from the following organizations, or source materials and donations from local businesses and community groups.

Order additional resources

In Quebec:

Naître et Grandir
  • Books, routine charts and more for children 0-5 (available in French and English) (link)
  • Resources for families (link)
Literacy in action & Yamaska Literacy
  • Guidebooks for parents, “Learning with your Child” (link)

In Canada:

Canadian Parents for French

Frontier College

  • Order books in english and french (link)

First Books Canada

  • Order discounted books in bulk (link)