On May 19, 2017 teachers from all over Québec met with SPEAQ’s IntenSIG team in Laval and we did it all!

First, we broke out and found the secret message hidden in the BreakoutEDU box.  Participants were given clues placed strategically around the room.  Working within their teams, they were required to use critical thinking and crack the codes that held the the combinations to unlock a series of locks that secured a box.  Once all the locks were opened, the secret message was revealed. Students will love solving these challenging puzzles with their teammates!


In the next activity, Sugar Power, participants were asked to build a catapult that would launch sugar packs toward a chosen target.  They were given some training on levers, balancing and pivot points and off they went!  A motivating science activity for teachers who are unaccustomed to using science with their students!


In the afternoon, participants were treated to a well-deserved session of Yoga and Mindfulness with Aline Reizian.  This inspirational yoga specialist provided teachers with helpful tips on how to develop flexibility and strength, both physically and spiritually, for themselves and for their students.

To cap off the day, a session of Lyrics Training was introduced where participants were asked to view a popular music video and fill in the missing words on the bottom of the screen.  A great way to get students paying attention and practicing vocabulary!

In addition, at the Finders Keepers! table, participants were given a collection of our favourite activities and resources, that can be easily accessed online on the Intensive ESL Community.

A big thank you to Christine Baida of the CSDL for hosting this special day, and to all the participants who contributed to the success of the Spring Gig 2017!


The IntenSIg Team:

Elizabeth Alloul, LEARN Consultant (ESL Special Project)
Carolyn Buteau, LEARN Consultant (ESL Special Project)
Manon Hamel, Intensive ESL Specialist, (CS de la Capitale)
Annie Lizotte, Intensive ESL Specialist (CS de Laval)
Gabriel Sperneac, Intensive ESL Specialist (CS de Laval)


Look for us at the upcoming SPEAQ Convention in November 2017.