Capture d’écran 2016-01-04 à 11.17.45Recently, an ESL teacher shared a great resource with us : an educational site for hockey-loving students called Canadiens@school. (If ever you have a resource you’d like to share with the community, don’t hesitate to send it to us!)

Canadiens@school is a website that offers educational activities and lesson plans for Quebec teachers. You will find hundreds of exciting hockey themed activities based on the Montreal Canadiens: stories, worksheets, lesson plans, inspirational videos, crafts, games, etc. What a great way to motivate and enrich student learning for the hockey fans in your classroom. The activities and lesson plans were designed to meet elements of the curriculum for elementary and high school students.

As the site mentions, Canadiens@school is a FREE resource Parents can also access different types of resources to encourage learning at home. In the different activities (in both the parent and teacher section), the “Montreal Canadiens’ legends and present day Canadiens’ players are the highlights which help capture student attention and make learning fun!

The program covers a wide spectrum of academic subjects including English, ESL, French, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Personal Development and Physical Education. Additions this year include; an anti-bullying unit, a Hall of Fame Smartboard lesson plan, new player biographies and monthly craft projects!”

There are also contests, where teachers send in a student’s production from one of the activities on the site. Prizes include a trip for school, to watch the Montreal Canadiens practice.

A personal favourite is the Reading Corner, where different hockey players such as PK Subban and Carey Price introduce the importance of values and the concepts of cooperation, responsibility, conservation, determination and respect. There are also illustrated story booklets that can be printed out or downloaded. Each booklet is about a specific player that demonstrates good values and attitudes.

Here is an example of Carey Price’s “Saving the Puck, Saving the Planet.”