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I remember during my first teaching experiences, colleagues would mention this or that service, that type of resource person, this cool website, etc. There were a lot of new tools and services to discover, that no one really presents to you during your University course. You mostly learn about them as you go. Years later, I am still discovering new resources, and understanding who is who and who does what in our educational system.

I’ve recently been introduced to the RÉCIT, as Sandra Laine, RÉCIT domaine des langues is working closely with LEARN’s Intensive ESL Community. The RÉCIT is a great resource to discover. Susan Van Gelder, educational consultant for LEARN, recently published a blog post that I would like to share with you, about What the RÉCIT is and Who they are. She mentions some inspiring projects and links to the different RÉCIT services:

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Here are some interesting learning situations from the RÉCIT – Domaines des langues site. 

The Story of Manga
“This Learning and Evaluation Situation is designed to allow students to produce a digital, Manga style comic strip using an iPad and digital software. The students will demonstrate their understanding of the LES by appreciating, creating, editing and publishing their own digital comic book.” (RÉCIT, Domaine des langues)

Mission ArtVader
Mission ArtVader is a learning and evaluation situation (LES) based on the principles of gamification. Students experiment game creation using a tablet (iPad or Android) with an app called TinyTap. They must research an artist and his work, then share their findings with their classmates through games, videos and quizzes. Included is the introduction video, a teacher guide, student booklet and tutorial for TinyTap.

Using Tablets in the Classroom
This activity brings students to read a story or a text and reinvest their understanding in short tasks using ICTs (tablets). Sandra lists different apps and tasks.

iPad Rally
This activity, shared by Denise St-Pierre, conseillère RÉCIT, CSBE (Translated by Dianne Stankiewicz, ESL Consultant, CSBE), is an iPad rally for students, to help them discover different functions and how-to’s of an iPad. It can be customized depending on your intentions.

Professional Development

A section of their website is allow dedicated to professional development. Learn about :
-Web Tools for ESL teachers
-Using the Interactive White Board (IWB) in ESL
-Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom
-Gamification in the Classroom
-Digital Storytelling
-Using Interactive Surveys
-and more!