Get a Grip! Junior Tech Challenge 2020

Are you looking for a fun science and technology LES that will provide your students with the perfect conditions for practicing English and reviewing science concepts? Look no further! presenting the 2019-2020 Junior Tech Challenge, Get a Grip!

In this LES, students are asked to build a gripping tool that can grip and carry certain objects across a set area. They are given specific instructions to carry out the task, and the competition can be relegated to the classroom, the school, the school service center, or the province-you choose!

You can find the Teacher’s Guide, the Student Handbook, The Rules, and a slide presentation on the Réseau Technoscience website. These tools were translated into English especially for Intensive ESL teachers and students, and can be easily followed by anyone with or without a science background. All the tools necessary to present the LES  Get a Grip! 2019-2020 to your students can be found here.

Every year, Réseau Technoscience publishes a different Science and Technology LES for students across the province. For the past few years, the CSSMI, and now LEARN has been translating these LESs into English especially for students in the Intensive English Project. For past Junior Tech Challenges click here.