On May 4, 2018 Intensive ESL teachers from all over Québec met with SPEAQ’s IntenSIG team at the CSDGS in La Prairie and we all left smiling and happy!

We started off the day with the COOP COUNCIL. Gabriel and Annie explained how they set it up in their classrooms, and participants got to experience a part of it by leaving comments on their beloved sticky-note board!
Next was Frédéric’s CREATIVE WRITING workshop. Participants got to practice fun techniques that inspire creativity and get students writing!
In the afternoon, Kellylee presented a WELL-BEING ACTIVITY full of inspirational quotes that got participants talking and thinking about what makes them happy.
To cap it off, Manon presented the BRITTO ART PROJECT, and showed us how students could create exciting works of art for their school.
And let’s not forget our MINDFULNESS BREAKS, sure to elicit appreciation, cooperation, awareness, focus, caring and connecting in students.
We were also treated to a great selection of books on Happiness that were kindly shared by Hélène Duguay of the Québec Reading Connection.

Thank you to Julie Proteau from the CSDGS for hosting us and Maria Corsetta from SPEAQ who helped us organize the day.

Elizabeth Alloul, LEARN
Frédéric Bédard, Université de Sherbrooke
Kellylee Bourget, CSDM
Manon Hamel, CS de la Capitale
Annie Lizotte, CSDL
Gabriel Sperneac, CSDL

Be sure to look for us at the 2018 SPEAQ Annual Convention in Lévis, Québec!