2018 Team Members

Elizabeth Alloul
Elizabeth taught regular as well as Intensive ESL for 15 years. She has been a member of IntenSIG, SPEAQ’s Special Interest Group for Intensive English teachers, since 2003, presenting workshops for Intensive ESL teachers throughout Quebec. She is a consultant with LEARN,s ESL Special Project, and is continuously connecting teachers all across Quebec with resources to help support them in the teaching of ESL.

Carolyn Buteau
Carolyn has a teaching degree and is completing her master’s degree in Educational Technology. For 2 years, she collaborated with ESL teachers from remote regions all over Quebec, within the Remote Networked School initiative, and is now working with LEARN to help support LEARN’s ESL Special Project.  

Past Team Members

Manon Hamel
Manon has been teaching ESL for 25 years, 13 of which have been in Intensive ESL. She has worked as a pedagogical advisor and  as a mentor to new teachers at de la Capitale school board. She is presently working in different areas of education to help support Intensive English teachers.  She is a proud Ambassador for ClassDojo, and recently  has joined LEARN in the creation of the  Intensive ESL Community.

Bev White
Bev is a committed educator with 37 years of experience in teaching and in visioning the use of technology in the classroom, Bev is a director of LEARN that, with the Provincial RÉCIT for Anglophone services, supports and promotes pedagogical collaboration and innovation in our community of learners. She has been active over the years as a Board consultant, a software developer with the Ministry of Education (Tools for FLS), a McGill instructor in Educational Technology, and a strong supporter of the English school community.
Recently, the MEESR has asked LEARN to support community development for Intensive ESL and Bev leads this project.
Bev’s personal vision for education echoes that of LEARN: Communicate. Collaborate. Community. Technology is a powerful tool for change and as educators we have a fundamental role in shaping the pedagogy our students need for their future.