In 2016, we received a mandate from the MEQ, to work closely with Intensive ESL professionals and create a community space to share privately where members can tap into a bank of ESL resources linked to the Progression of Learning, and the needs of the Intensive Elementary English Second Language project.

Since then, our mandate has been adjusted to serve the Elementary ESL community as well as the Intensive ESL community.  Here are our goals and a list of the resources available:

About the Elementary ESL Community
(formerly the Intensive ESL Community)

The main goal of this online community is to provide support to Elementary ESL teachers within the Province of Québec, make resources available and share ideas that are pertinent to use in the Elementary and Intensive ESL classrooms.

The Elementary ESL Community is based on sharing information and discussing ESL topics and activities with educators who share the same goals: breaking isolation, providing meaningful activities to ESL students and improving ongoing teacher education. All community artefacts, such as recordings of Intensive Talks!, discussions, interviews and resources are available to the community. The online community is also supported by a rich e-library of resources. Using different filters and search criteria, resources can be found easily and quickly. A forum is also open to our members.

Three tools are available to the Elementary and Intensive ESL teaching community:

1. The Elementary ESL Community Platform: a rich e-library of verified resources and a community forum. Account needed to access the Community platform (open to all Elementary ESL):

2. ESL Blogs: sharing of interviews, favourite project picks, recordings of Intensive Talks! and pertinent artifacts, publications and upcoming events. You are on it right now.

3. Intensive Talks! or ESL Talks! Web Events: FREE online synchronous webinars, given by teachers, for teachers. View them here.

Click here to view or download the information sheet with everything you need to know to access these tools.

Welcome to your Elementary and Intensive ESL Community!