Friday May 13, 2022
CSS des Découvreurs
Entrepreneurship in the Intensive ESL Classroom

After two years of online IntenSIG Cafés, we finally met in person! The IntenSIG team would like to thank Heather Moores for hosting the IntenSIG Spring Gig 2022 at the CSS des Découvreurs in Québec City. Twenty-three ESL professionals met on Friday May 13, for a full-day of learning about exciting entrepreneurship ideas to use with their students. IntenSIG set the stage for participants to network, brainstorm, and exchange ideas about entrepreneurial projects that would benefit both their students and their community.

Marie-Line shared her experiences with her own entrepreneurship projects. She demonstrated how to guide and assist students in choosing and implementing entrepreneurial projects that stem from their own ideas and passions. We were moved by the three students she had invited to the workshop who shared their thoughts and feelings about the projects they were involved in, and how much they learned about helping others.

Corinne Germain, a consultant at the CSS des Découvreurs, walked us through the  Découvreurs en ACTION website where you can find many examples of inspiring entrepreneurial projects. We appreciated all the useful tips she shared to help teachers start, and fund, their own entrepreneurial projects with their students.

Presentation: Miss Marie-Line’s Entrepreneurial Project
Guide: Entrepreneurship in the Intensive ESL Classroom Guide

We enjoyed seeing everyone, in person, at the IntenSIG Spring Gig 2022, and are looking forward to meeting again in November at the SPEAQ convention.

The IntenSIG Spring Gig Team 2022:

Kellylee Bourget, CSSDA
Gabriel Sperneac, CSLAVAL
Sheena Jack-Dubeau, CSSPI
Annie Lizotte, CSLAVAL
Elizabeth Alloul, LEARN
Marie-Line Cloutier, CSSDD