Student Field Journals

This is a series of teacher guides, student field journals, process planners, evaluation tools,  and resource collections developed by Kathy Napier of ETSB (and friends) to help Cycle 2 teachers.  Many of these strategies and organizers can be adapted to cycle 3 as well of course. 

Note:  As of August 2019 these documents are now available as Google Docs. 
(Also, drafts of new French versions available via English versions)

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Student_field_journal 1   |    PDF

Student_field_journal 2   |   PDF

Student_field_journal 3   |   PDF 


Also available is a Research Process Planner


Research_process_planner as PDF


and Record Keeping and Evaluation tools

During the construction of the S and T toolkit, several supporting evaluation planning and tracking tools were created.  Click on the tool title below to open up the tool in PDF form.

Tracking and Planning of “Intellectual Operations” 

Commenting on Intellectual Operation success in general
Commenting on Intellectual Operation success for each competency
Planning Document for Creation of Assessment Tools – Questions to ask according to Intellectual Operations

Project Feedback and Marking Tools 

Project Evaluation using NI S and E scale for format, content, etc.
Project Evaluation using Point Scale for format, content, etc.
Social Science Project Evaluation for Research Process Skills
Project Marking Grid for Content, Presentation and Process

Checklist for skills and techniques observation 

Research Process Skills Inventory for evidence of use of related skills in this process
History Techniques Inventory for evidence of timelines, interpreting documents, etc.
Geography Techniques Inventory for evidence of simple maps, tables and diagrams.