Teacher Strategies

SMARTBoard tools for New France Cycle 2 Elementary.

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The Societies & Territories Toolkit !

This is a series of teacher guides, student field journals, process planners, evaluation tools,  and resource collections to help Cycle 2 teachers.  Many of these strategies and organizers can be adapted to cycle 3 as well of course.  Word versions are available by request via this feedback form.


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Cartograf Scenarios
Cartograf scenarios are now available  for the elementary sector,  on the LEARN installation at http://cartograf.learnquebec.ca/   Yes, the little ones love mapping too, and they are more than capable of using this great tool!   Here’s the list as of Oct. 2014.  See the Help page for how to use Cartograf.  Think about how the resources on Societies and Territories could be used in a mapping scenario like these!

Elementary Geography, History & Citizenship

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