Spot it! Card Game Printouts!

If you know how to play Spot it!  this new card set could be great fun!  

First, we used a select 31 of the original Chronos game cards to develop our own Chronos Spot it game cards!  We trimmed certain of the original cards, and even created a few new ones, so as to be able to show identifiable faces.  Then we used Aaron Barker’s Spot It clone generator page here, and voilà!

Today, we tried using a few of the images by Lilymagine (Under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA) which are posted on the original French variation of our site here.  And we created a new set with these new fun characters.

How might you use these in class?  Well, anything goes really, the cards are here to use as you like.  However, we were thinking of something like this:  

The first team to see what item matches in the two drawn cards gets one point, then IF they can identify who/what the image represents, they get another point.  Then maybe they get another chance to perform a higher-level task referring to the original Chronos card or with regard to the information on the back of any corresponding card set (ex. from the Connect Facts cards, or the Explora cards, for situating in time and space, etc.).  For the next card pair to be drawn, the team who got the last one gets to turn the next pair over, giving them a slight advantage.  The team with most cards or points at the end wins.

Click to access PDFs of currently available Spot It cards