Welcome to Quebec and Canada in 1905!  Yes, during these times Quebec was a province in the new federation known as Canada!  Read about the Quebec territory and society using the navigation at the right!



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Grade 6 SMARTBoard Tools on 20th Century and Quiet Revolution
Learn more about people in Early 20th Century Quebec, via original photos that help you examine and describe life in this new century!
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Cycle 3 SMARTBoard Tools from ETSB: Canada/World 1905 and 1980
Thanks to the team of Kathy Napier, Emmanuelle Gaudet, Marie-Michèle Fradet, Jody Meacher and board consultant Jean Provencal from Eastern Townships School Board for sharing these very useful tools and teaching strategies.
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Text Versions and Establish Facts Google Slides
Note a text version of this section is available.  If you open that Google document you can copy it, download a Word version, or you can also click to download a PDF version that could be saved and used on iPads and Tablets offline.

A Google slide document is available for this section, containing practice instructions for “Establish Facts”