Learn about life in Lower Canada, and in other parts of the Canadas around 1820, by navigating the sections at right!  

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The “Once Upon a Time in the 1820s” site has been imported from our old LEARN site!  The Teacher’s guide, extras and the STUDENT NOTEBOOK file are now available as one PDF.   Download:  LES 1820 LES all  The STUDENT site has now been input as one long page. Visit the page


The Loyalists Activity section of our old site has been imported as one PDF (soon)
While the old .… Kids’ Zone! is already available on site.  Visit the main Loyalists page here.

For a mapping activity, try the Cartograf scenario Montreal in 1820


Teachers:  Note that a  Google slide version is also available for all the student content at right, containing practice instructions for “Establish Facts”