Often we will make an image bank based on one of the various Societies on the site, or perhaps based on a resource package or Learning Scenario or Activity.  Usually, they are shared on in the appropriate section.  Or you can also just search “Image bank” to find one you have seen somewhere before. 

Here is a list of what I was able to collect into a list so far.  (i.e. there may be others on the site)

SMARTBoard slides Image Bank for Daily Life Changes

13 Colonies 1745 Image Bank

New France 1745 Image Bank

Iroquoians in 1745 Image Bank

Iroquois around 1500 Image Bank

Algonquian around 1500 Image Bank

Lower Canada 1820 Image Bank

New France around 1645 Image Bank

Inca around 1500 Image Bank


Useful graphics and “Les personnages” by RECITUS”

Blank Maps collection