In progress, an I-Spy gaming strategy for Societies in 1500, created with Google Drawings and images and information on the Societies and Territories site!

Use the images I created as you choose, but instructions could be quite simple:  

  • Use the provided images online, OR print them out as large as you can.
  • Students follow the provided clues to discover the hidden objects or images from the S and T site. (You can copy and edit the Google Document of course to change the clues or add new ones!)
  • These large versions of the google drawings, linked to in their “preview mode”, also contain links to the corresponding pages on the the S and T site, so you or the students can verify the choice of the hidden image.  (Yes, answer versions will follow, because indeed, a few of these are difficult to find!)

Click here to access the Google Document version with links to the three larger images.

And consider having the students use this strategy to create their own I-Spy games to share and learn together!


Note:  The information page for this game is actually located here.