Family Resources

We have assembled a page with a list of tools, resources, and support to help parents and students. Many resources are readily available to meet every student and family's needs. These resources will help build and support student success; complement their learning, and promote well-being.


Online homework help and tutoring for students in English schools in grades 2-11 at no charge.

Elementary Subject Help

Subject-specific and cross-curricular content and activities for Elementary students.

Secondary Subject Help

Subject-specific content and activities for Secondary students.


Simple step-by-step how-tos for different topics and different subject areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Progress Report/ First Communication does not include any marks. It is simply a representation of where the child is at this point in the year. We are looking as to whether the child is following the program according to expectations, above or below expectations. This can be done in many ways such as with written or verbal assignments, not only written evaluations.

The first report card, which will be distributed at the end of January, will include marks based on various evaluations.

Due to the provincial teacher shortage, we were unable to fill all positions at the time of the creation of the QOA. We are happy to share that our staffing is complete and all positions have been filled. We have also been able to start a list of substitute teachers so that whenever a teacher is absent, we can have a substitute teacher cover for them for the time they are away.

All workbooks have been ordered based on the subject-specific needs of the teachers. The workbooks are currently being mailed out to the QOA community. You will be receiving your child’s workbooks at your doorstep, within the next few days.

Workbooks are being offered to the QOA community at no cost to the parents/ guardians. If your child has not attended their brick-and-mortar school this academic year but you were asked to pay school fees, please contact your child’s school of origin to inquire about those fees.

The online schedules were built based on the Ministry’s guidelines for online learners. The guidelines were created to ensure the students do not spend an excessive amount of time in front of screens. The hours range between 10.5 and 15 hours per week, depending on the grade level. In respecting these guidelines, we are unable to turn academic support periods into regular class time.

According to the Quebec Education Program (QEP), science classes begin as of grade 3 only. The focus in grade 1 and 2 is on numeracy and literacy.

For more information, please visit the Ministère de l’Éducation’s website at

All elementary students will be taking two art courses this year: visual arts and music. They may be offered at different times of the year depending on the child’s grade level.

More Resources / Open School

Quebec Government website that brings together thousands of resources for learning, creating, having fun and moving, just like at school.

The Parents.Quebec

Founded by The English Parents Committee (EPCA), Fédération des comités de parents (FCPQ) and the Ministère de l’Éducation. The website offers families a wide range of resources for both parents and children.

The English Parents Committee Association (EPCA)

Coalition of parents’ committees of Quebec’s English school boards. It represents nearly 100,000 students in the young anglophone sector. EPCA is a non-profit association funded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES).