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Some Ideas and Activities

Organizing, collaborating, work-sharing

dropbox Dropbox Store files, folders, photos and videos online and share them with collaborators on the Internet. Download for offline viewing, capture and synchronize. (Uses cloud storage.)
  • Create a teacher account to share work with students of twinned school. Make a student folder and share it with your twinned teacher. He/she will have access to your students’ work.
evernote Evernote Take notes and archive them using Evernote. Save and synchronize formatted text, handwritten ink, photos, audio notes, and WebPages to your personal computer. (Store on Evernote server.)
  • Create a teacher account. While students are working, visiting a twinned school or on an outing, open Evernote and have them take notes, take photos and add audio recordings to their notes. Back in class, have twinned students do a writing activity using the notes that were taken. Notes can be organized in notebooks that you create for each student or for groups of students.
iBook Store electronic books on your iPad using iBook.
idea_sketch Idea Sketch Create flow charts, mind maps, concept maps, or flow charts that can be converted to a text outline. Excellent for brainstorming, illustrating concepts, making outlines, planning presentations and more. Share by email or to Can also be copied directly into other apps.
(Back to top) Lino Post stickies, pictures and URLs using online canvases. Attach files to your stickies and invite friends to post on your canvases. Can be stored on your iPad or online.
  • Create a teacher account. In Lino, create a group and invite a teacher of a twinned school to post on your canvas. Students can post using their teacher’s account. Ask students to help plan a meeting day: post ideas for activities, outings, snacks, etc.
  • On another canvas, one class can post questions regarding pastimes, hobbies, likes, dislikes, favourites, etc. and the other class can post answers.

Explaining, presenting, screencasting

Educreations Another noteworthy interactive whiteboard app that also records voice. Offers ten colours and multiple pages to enhance your presentations. Take a picture to use as a background or insert one from your Photos or from Dropbox. Upload productions to for personal or public use. Educreations generates a Web link that can be embedded or shared by email, and to Facebook and Twitter.(Online community)
  • Correct each others’ writing (provide a picture of the text and record the corrections).
  • Explain the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by adding pictures to illustrate the Charter.
  • Present members of one’s family and explain their origins with pictures and maps.
Explain Everything Explain Everything is a screencasting app that lets you create slides and add new or existing PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS files, photos and videos from many sources including Dropbox, Evernote and GoogleDrive. You can draw, insert shapes, add text and use a laser pointer. An account is not necessary to use this app and to share creations. It has many sharing options.
  • Create a board game: build it and write the rules. Then, take pictures or film the game, explain the rules and show how to play it.
  • Capture a response to literature: book reviews, plot, theme, characterization, authors, etc.
Keynote Keynote Prepare presentations with animated charts and transitions. Opens Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. Save on your iPad, to iTunes, iCloud and WebDAV server. Share by email or to
  • Make a presentation of the school or the community.
  • Prepare charts representing information collected with class surveys ex: Chart depicting sports played by students, musical instruments played by students, etc.
Screen Chomp Like Educreations, this interactive whiteboard app allows voice recording and the creation of multiple pages. Offers 12 colours with the added feature of 3 pen widths. Send all productions to and generate a Web link that can be embedded or shared via e-mail and on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Describe the different parts of a cell and their function.
  • Tell what happens in a story through your drawings.
  • Give a lesson on how to prepare a traditional ethnic meal.
(Back to top) Show Me Interactive Whiteboard Produce mini lessons or helpful tutorials with an interactive whiteboard that enables voice recording. This app comes with seven colours to enhance your presentations. Take a picture to use as background or insert one from your Photos. Upload productions to for personal or public use. Share via e-mail or on Facebook.
  • Prepare a grammar lessons (e.g. how to conjugate verbs, how to use prepositions).
  • Explain how to write an introduction or a conclusion.
  • Explain a historical event. Add pictures and Web links.
  • Explain math or science concepts (e.g. long division, the water cycle, the phases of the moon).

Written communication

pages Pages A word processor app that includes templates to create letters, reports, flyers, invitations and more. Save on your iPad, to iTunes. Store on, iCloud or a WebDAV server. Share via e-mail or on
Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard Create postcards using provided photos or your own. Type a message on the back of your card and add an audio one. Stickers are also available. Share via e-mail or snail mail.
  • Take your own photos and write a paragraph as an introductory activity
  • Groups of students take photos of the school, their class and or other important areas of the school such as the library and the gym, write notes and add recordings explaining why it’s an important part of the school.
Book Creator Create your own beautiful books that you can then publish on the iBookstore. (ePub standards) Adjust everything with your fingers and add speech and music. Share via e-mail or on Dropbox, iTunes or a WebDrav server.
  • Groups of students create books together: write a story, take photos, select music, add sound effects and record comments or questions on every page of the story. Before starting the creation process, select a target audience. The book can be for younger students, for students new to the school, for future students at a specific grade level, for parents, etc.
bookabi Bookabi Create storybooks in 2D and 3D with pre-loaded characters that you can resize, rotate and move, or use your own photos to devise new ones. Select backgrounds, add bubbles, text, objects, stickers and record audio on each page. Share by e-mail, to iTunes and print in PDF.
  • Research a favourite author, musician or actor and make a book to share findings.
  • Students from twinned classes interview each other and make biographical books.
Comic Life Create customized photocomics. Choose a template, select the desired layout, insert photos and slide in word bubbles. Select a title style and write your text. Share via e-mail, on Facebook or on Twitter. (Integrated e-reader)
  • Partners (groups of 2 or 3 students) create a page together that can be assembled in a joint yearbook.
  • Create superhero photocomics. Each partner in a group is responsible for one page.
  • Create photocomics featuring different careers. A career page can include tasks and responsibilities, work hours, working conditions, work environment, etc.
Private Journal Write in your journal every day and add notes, capture images, load music and add stickers to your entries. Gives the date automatically. Take screenshots to share or keep private using the lock. (Careful! If lock code is lost, your journal is lost.)
  • For a week, write to a friend from the twinned class. Share entries via e-mail. The following week, the friend writes to you.
  • Together, write in the same journal (send, copy, paste or share via Dropbox) taking on the role of a character in a story or a famous person. Share via e-mail or conference on Skype to do the work.
Free French English Dictionary + Translate words into English or French. Gives an audio pronunciation of all words. Also provides over 1 400 conjugated verbs in English, a comprehensive phrasebook and a vocabulary quiz tool. Share via e-mail.
Free Translator Provides an interface to Google Translate. Translate words or sentences and hear the translation spoken. For many languages including English and French. Share via e-mail.
Mystorybook-maker My Story Book Maker for Kids Affordable book-making app with simple interface—perfect for younger students. Add pictures to wood panel backgrounds or draw using pen, paint, brush or Wacky tool. Twenty colours to chose from. Easily start and stop voice recording or restart it for every page of the book. Publish storybooks to iBooks and share them via email.
  • Paired students help each other to write about their families and their culture. Stories could be shared in class using an interactive digital board.
  • Paired students select and read about a personal hero. Then, together they make a book about their hero.
story_buddy2 StoryBuddy 2 Write, read and share stories in ePub or PDF formats. Draw pictures or import images from your camera roll, and add music and your own audio narration. Turn digital pages like in a real book. Keep your creations in iBooks and print wirelessly through AirPrint.
  • Paired students write biographies of each other. Assemble the classes’ biographies in one ebook and add the Q&A for the interviews to each page.
    Students from each class can write and share a childhood memory.
storykit StoryKit Read and edit stories or create your own with this free app. Write and illustrate by drawing on- screen or add a photo from your photo album. Record your own voice or sounds to compliment your stories. Share your ebooks to StoryKit servers and get a private URL, which you can share by email. (Account not required)
  • Paired students use provided stories and give them a personal twist by editing the text and reordering pictures.
  • Paired students write and record a narration for a provided book to share with the class.
story_lines(Back to top) StoryLines for Schools A game of ‘telephone’ but with pictures app. Begin a StoryLine by writing your own sentence or select one from the ones that are suggested. Pass it on to a friend to illustrate. The initial line being hidden, pass it on to another friend to give the drawing a title. And so on. The StoryLine could then be watched and shared by email. Allows for up to 9 students per StoryLine.
  • Groups of nine students from the twinned classes do a StoryLine using vocabulary from a story being read in class.
  • Each team does a StoryLine starting with a sentence about a character from a story.
  • Groups of students do a StoryLine starting with a famous quote.

Oral communication

Skype  Communicate with Skype’s video calling. Share screen, collaborate on projects and send files. Must have an account.
  • Use Skype with the whole class to communicate with twinned class.
  • Groups of students can use Skype to work on a project.
  • Individual students can use Skype to interview each other
voice_thread VoiceThread Record a conversation around a picture, video or document. You can talk, type and draw on the screen. Anyone can join the conversation for free. However, you could make only five VoiceThreads for free. A paid subscription is needed to create additional VoiceThreads. Share via e-mail.
  • Use VoiceThread to present yourself or your school
  • Upload images of historical figures or events and present the individuals or explain the events.
  • Document and comment on class outings.
  • Use a series of pictures as a basic storyline. Take on the voice of a character and tell the story.
puppet_pals_director Puppets Pals Director’s Pass Make movies with provided or insert your own photos to create your own protagonists and backgrounds. Share via e-mail.
  • Describe holidays or customs of different religions of students in the class.
  • Create a story collaboratively using the characters provided by Puppet Pals.
puppetpals2-allaccess Puppets Pals 2: All Access Create animated cartoons using built-in characters or switch them up by scrolling through heads and bodies separately and combining them in creative ways. You can also add your own photos to the characters. In addition to more characters and more settings, this version of the app gives the user’s puppets the ability to ride things.Share via e-mail and to Facebook.
  • Twinned students create a video acting out an historical event.
  • Create a video promoting a book and upload your creation to a classroom blog. Invite students from twinned classes to post comments.
itellastory iTell a Story Narrate, record and share stories by email. Select sound effects from the i Tell a Story sound library to add to your recordings and music from your iTunes. You can also select an image to go with your story.
  • Teams of students record scary stories or mysteries to send to friends from twinned class.
  • Paired students record recipes complemented by a picture. Students could then prepare the recipes during a class visit.
Sock Puppet Create short movies with provided puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds. The puppets automatically lip-synch to voice. Share on Facebook and YouTube. Must buy additional features to save to Photos and to have e-mail option.
  • After an outing together, share impressions of the day and e-mail them to each other.
  • Create a movie together, asking each other a question.
  • Prepare book-review movies and share them on a class Web site.
Story Wheel Create stories cooperatively. Select the number of storytellers and spin the story wheel. The wheel stops on a picture and the story begins. Each player records a portion of the story. Maximum recording time is 30 seconds per page and there are 12 pages per story. Share your story online via e-mail as an iBook attachment or as an URL.
  • Create stories for your twinned partner.
  • Create stories together for younger students.
talking_tom2 Talking TomCat 2 Practise oral communication. Tom Cat records and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. Record videos of your Tom Cat, message and share via e-mail, on Facebook or on YouTube.
  • Record daily horoscopes or weather forecasts and send them to your twinned partner by e-mail.
iF Poems Search through 270 classic poems by age group, type, title, author and first line or by any word. Record yourself reading a poem and share it via e-mail. Dictionary definition available for all words.
  • Students record themselves reading a poem. Twinned students illustrate the poem or add music to it.
  • Receiving students change certain verses and send back the newly created poem.
Dragon Dictation Dictate your message and see it in text. Edit and share your text via e-mail, on Facebook or on Twitter.
  • E-mail questions, comments or opinions regarding current events or newspaper headlines. Receiving students can, in turn, share their views on current happenings. (text).
audio_memos Audio Memos Record your voice. Hear your message and share it via e-mail.
  • Record reviews of books, films or video games. Reviews can be shared via e-mail or collected on a class blog or class Web site (audio message).
quickvoice(Back to top) Quick Voice Record your voice, pause and resume. Once you are finished, hear your message, give it a title and share via e-mail. Voice recording up to 5MB.
  • Record weather forecasts, make up weekly horoscopes, predict sport games results, etc. and send to a twinned partner. In turn, the receiving partner can send feedback regarding the accuracy of the prediction.

Working with pictures

skitch Skitch Annotate and mark up new or existing pictures, screenshots, maps and Web pages or draw something new. A blank canvas is also available. Save to your Photos or to Evernote, and share via e-mail or on Twitter.
  • Use a map of your community and annotate it to show important places.
photo_collage_creator Photo Collage Creator Create photo collages from photos in your photo album. Save to your Photos and share via e-mail and on Facebook.
  • Create a class photo collage summarizing your experience with the PELIQ-AN project.
  • Create a common souvenir photo album with twinned school. Print copies for students.
piccollage Pic Collage Easily create a photo collage. Choose a layout, select a background, take photos or add some from your photo library or from photo sharing networks and add text. Stickers are also available. Share by e-mail or to Pic Collage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Path. You can also send a physical postcard.
  • Create a class photo collage summarizing your experience with the PELIQ-AN project.
  • Create a common souvenir photo album with twinned school. Print copies for students.
FX Photo Studio HD Edit your photos: crop, resize, rotate and adjust colours. Over 190 photo effects and filters are available. Save to your photo album, documents or clipboard. Share via e-mail, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.
  • Edit photos to create different moods and use in a story or iBook.
  • Edit photos and create invitations for specials events.
texthere(Back to top) Text Here Place text notes and shapes on your own photos or on pictures from photo sharing networks. Choose from four shapes: arrow, circle, thinking balloon and speech balloons. Add text and share via e-mail, to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Create cards based on characters of a book. Twinned partners can add descriptors to cards.
  • Invent a superhero. Draw the character, take a picture of him/her and add text. Make an electronic card or print and “exchange” the card with a partner.

Working with film, animation

imovie iMovie Film your subject and produce a movie. Edit clips and add effects, transitions and music to your productions. Save to Camera Roll and share on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and CNN iReport.
  • Make a movie of a class performance in dance class, music class or a school musical.
  • Make a commemorative movie of the yearlong partnership between the schools.
tooncamera ToonCamera Record video, snap photos or convert existing ones from your album using automatic rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is a technique where live action video or photography is traced over to give your creation a cartoon-like look. Choose from multiple cartoon, pencil, stipple, and ink effects. Share by e-mail or to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Paired students create a silent cartoon video and send it to their twinned partners. They in turn write a story based on the video.
  • Take pictures during a class field trip with a twinned class and make a narrated photo collage.
Toontastic Create animations selecting provided puppets and backgrounds or draw your own characters and settings. Record your voice and add music. Gives parts of a story and tutorials. Share online on ToonTube. Must have an account.
  • Tell the beginning of a story using the provided puppets and have twinned partners finish the story.
  • Create an adventure story using puppets that are named after the twinned students.
(Back to top) Flip Boom Cartoon Draw and animate cartoons. Erase drawing and delete frames. Save as snapshots in your Photos. The paid version, FlipBoom Draw HD, gives you the added options of an unlimited number of pages, the ability to duplicate them and to save your project as a video in your Photos.
  • Create an animation together to get students and parents to buy a book that both partners read.
  • Make an animation depicting part of a story.
  • Create a movie by having groups from twinned school animate different parts of a story.

Working with music

garageband Garage Band This music app offers many features. It lets you play dozens of musical instruments including ‘Smart’ instrument that make you sound like a pro. Record your voice, apply sound effects and play or record live over wi-fi or Bluetooth with up to three people. Share directly to Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud via email or on iTunes.
  • Groups of students from twinned classes compose a song and write lyrics to promote chosen themes (i.e. anti-bulling, school rules, safety rules).
  • Paired students make a podcast commenting a current event or expressing an opinion.
pocketsongwriter Pocket Songwriter Write and record a song using one of 14 tracks included in the app. A rhyming dictionary with over 96 000 rhymes is also included to assist you in the songwriting process. Send your recording to Sound Cloud and then share it on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Sound Cloud accounts are free.
  • Record a song using vocabulary words that must be included in the lyrics. Use the app’s dictionary to find rhyming words.
  • Record a song for a special school celebration or open house.
songwriterhd Song Writer HD Write lyrics and record audio for each section of your song. See your chords above your lyrics and find rhymes and synonyms in the integrated dictionary. You can ‘Passcode Lock’ to protect your work. Link with Dropbox and share via email with options to send PDF’s, Songwriter files, or MySongbook files(minimal music background required).
  • Write lyrics for a special school event (i.e. a holiday assembly, a graduation, etc.).
videostar(Back to top) Video Star A music video-making app that allows you to select a song from your iTunes, adjust start point, end point, speed and pitch of the song. You can choose from over twenty built-in effects to add to your video or purchase over one hundred more bundled in Power Packs. Press record and lip sync your song. Share to iTunes, to YouTube and via email.
  • Groups of students from twinned classes make a video to go with a song that they composed using Garage Band.
  • Groups of students study the lyrics of a popular song. Take pictures to illustrate the lyrics and make a video with the pictures as background.


kidblog Kidblog Create and manage a blog with Kidblog. Create an account and access your blog using any mobile device. Students can post comments and upload pictures. Teachers can monitor blog activity and moderate posts. Students’ blogs are private by default. Only classmates and the teacher can view them.
  • Set up blogs with students from twinned classes to create classroom discussions around common themes.
  • Have groups of students set up their own blog and have the twinned groups submit comments.
  • Possible discussion can include reflections on assigned readings, films, news items, future goals, career choices, etc.
  • Opinions could be given on selected music pieces, video games, favourite restaurants, etc.


adobeideas Adobe Ideas Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook that comes with vector-based drawing tools, up to 10 drawing layers and a photo layer for each sketch. It lets you choose colors using HSB and RGB color pickers and has 50 levels of undo and redo. You could upload to a “Creative Cloud” and open on your computer with Illustrator CC or Photoshop to edit. Share by e-mail, to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Take a photo of a favourite room at school. Twinned partners draw objects and incorporate them in the photograph to make the ideal room. Then, the creation is sent by e-mail to be shared in another app and to make a slideshow, a book or a podcast of the perfect school. Comments can be added to explain why the additions make it a special place.
drawfree(Back to top) Draw Free Create beautiful drawings or add to existing ones from your photo album with easy-to-use tools including pencils, brushes and crayons. Select a background, add a sticker that incorporates sound and share using e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.
  • As an introductory activity, each student takes a self-portrait and draws items that represent hobbies and/or favorite pastimes. The creation is sent to a twinned partner by e-mail or shared in Dropbox.

While the information contained in this list is not meant to be exhaustive and is periodically updated, we do not guarantee that the information provided is correct, complete and/or up-to-date. (Last update: October 2014) Some links on this Web site may lead to other Web sites, including those operated and maintained by third parties. MEESR includes these links solely as suggested resources for the PELIQ-AN project, and the presence of such a link does not imply a responsibility for the linked site or an endorsement of the linked site, its operator or its contents. Before using a tool with students, it is strongly recommended that you read the terms of service and the privacy policy of the service provider in question, as well as your school board’s policy on Internet use. These apps and Web sites have been personally selected by education evaluators and do not necessarily reflect the views of MEESR. Reference to these products and services does not constitute or imply their endorsement or recommendation by MEESR.  

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