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As schools reopen and we return to our makerspaces and labs, we have been concerned with the proper handling and care of equipment and especially shared devices, tools and equipment. We’ve been working to build our own protocol for cleaning and disinfection based on recommendations by trusted sources and many in our community have been working on local procedures as well. We have compiled a list of guidelines, procedures, cleaning products and tips for how to handle specific equipment. If you find other sources, please share them with us.

Safety guidelines and procedures

General safety measures and procedures from governmental bodies in Quebec, Canada, and in the US.

Cleaning and disinfection products

Products approved for cleaning and disinfection in Canada and Quebec:

Cleaning and disinfection guidelines for specific locations:

Here are some examples of guidelines developed in a higher education context

Cleaning and disinfecting specific equipment

Note: As a general rule, it seems Isopropol alcohol (IPA) is recommended in wipe form for disinfection of most devices and tech equipment. Chlorine bleach, ammonia, abrasive powders, ethyl alcohol (ethanol), aerosol sprays and peroxides are not generally recommended for use on electronic devices. Consult device manufacturer’s recommendations for specific instructions. A few links are listed below:

Other materials

Lego bricks

Here is the recommendation from

“What about my LEGO bricks? How can I keep them sanitized?

We don’t recommend cleaning LEGO bricks with anything more than soapy warm water because any other ingredients could degrade the quality of the bricks over time. If you’re using a large quantity of bricks in your school, camp or organization, you can rotate different batches of bricks for 72 hours before using them again.”


Disinfecting Equipment and Surfaces in Schools and Makerspaces

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