Mr. Brown deployed 40 Micro:Bits to his grade 7 Math class…

Here’s a quick blurb of what I have found so far:

My classes are 75 minutes and each student has their own laptop which they bring to class. The students are in Grade 7 and I teach mathematics.

I have decided to make activities which I try and do for about 40 minutes at the end of the class.

The goals so far have been to:

1) Introduce them to the physical Micro:bit and see how it works, and how to download their code from their laptops to the Micro:bit.

2) Introduce them to coding the Micro:bit and using the coding program Let’s Code –

There have been no plans yet to connect it to curriculum or to evaluate. Right now, I want them learning new things about the Micro:bit and coding. I hoped to show them something new with each activity. In the end, by term 3, I will hopefully be creating an assignment for them that will allow them to show off what they can do with the Micro:bit.

I have created a folder of what I have done so far with the students and I added comments inside each lesson about what went wrong and what went well. Feel free to use, edit, throw out any of the activities.

The students for the most part like the activities and the stronger ones will go farther. I learned quickly that I need to talk to them about strategies to use when they are stuck. I have refused to answer questions in the first few minutes of an assignment (except for clarification) so that they can use the problem solving techniques we have discussed.

Micro:Bit Lessons

Micro:Bit Lessons and Reflections from Mr. Brown
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