LEARN setup its Innovative Playground at QPAT this year, exposing educators to a vast variety of teaching tools and innovative techniques. We made buttons, art, computer programs, e-textiles, gelli plating, floor pianos, robotic hats and on and on. We demoed Cartograph and Desmos, which are wonderful educational resources. It made for two vibrant days filled with interesting conversations and earnest discovery of innovative materials.

Makey-Makey Piano and Chris’ auto-DJ machine
Papier-maché hats (soon to be automated with a spinning top) and Strawbees
30 Days of Art
The button maker was wildly popular and the spin-art bot made some stunning visuals for the buttons’ backgrounds too!
Here we see an artbot expressing itself freely (at least, until its battery runs out!)
LEARN’s Innovative Playground was busy the whole day! Time flies when you’re having fun!
Paul presenting Cartograph


LEARN’s Innovative Playground @ QPAT 2017
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