IntenSIG (SPEAQ’s  Special Interest Group for Intensive English Teachers) is a group of teachers and consultants who convene a few times a year, to plan events for Intensive ESL teachers in Quebec;  the Intensig Spring Gig is held every May,  the ESL and Intensive ESL Virtual Cafés were a way to touch base during the pandemic, and you can always find us at the SPEAQ Convention held in November.  Our goal is to give teachers the opportunity to meet with other teachers, exchange ideas, and equip themselves with new and innovative ways of teaching their students.  The Collaborative Documents, created at every event by the participants, are a way of ensuring that the information we gather together is recorded and easily accessible.  Scroll down to find a list of these collaborative documents.


IntenSIG Spring Gig 2021

May 21, 2021

The IntenSIG Spring Gig was held online on Friday, May 21 2021.  Twenty five teachers from all over Quebec met to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) activities presented by Kids Code Canada, and meet with other Intensive teachers to chat, explore, exchange and share their experience.

We began the day-long session with some icebreakers that had us searching for objects in our homes (Pick 3), sharing a failure, and confessing to embarrassing teaching moments (Neve Have I Ever!)! We ended the day  by sharing our favourite resources, and creating a 2 collaborative documents full of those great ideas!

Here are the links to both collaborative documents:

1. Explore and Plan
2. Tech Tools

Thank you to all the participants for sharing and making the day a special one!


SPEAQ Convention 2020

November 7, 2020

1. IntenSIG_EdCamp_Collaborative _Document
2. Presentation

Here is the presentation, and a list of activities collected from teachers who attended IntenSIG’s EdCamp at the SPEAQ Convention 2020.
The IntenSIG team  thanks everyone for sharing their wonderful ideas! 

 -Annie Lizotte, Christine Pronovost, Elizabeth Alloul, Gabriel Sperneac, Kellylee Bourget, and Sheena Jack-Dubeau.


IntenSIG Virtual Cafés

June 4, 2020: IntenSIG Café Collaborative Document

Seventeen Intensive ESL teachers from all over Quebec met from online for the IntenSIG Virtual Café on June 4, 2020.  Teachers shared their different teaching realities teaching in this time of COVID-19, C1 activities at school and online, and ideas to wrap-up the school year.

May 8, 2020: IntenSIG CAFÉ Collaborative Document

The IntenSIG Team, a special interest group of SPEAQ and LEARN joined forces for an impromptu online event for Intensive English teachers. It was an opportunity to connect, share ideas and resources, and help prepare for this new teaching reality.  The topics for discussion included:  Organizing Oral InteractionTeaching Students In-Class and At-Home, Online Teaching and Other Technology Teaching Tools and The Daily Grind.  The virtual get-together was a success, with more than 38 Intensive English teachers and educational consultants  participating from all over Quebec.


Elementary ESL Virtual Cafés

June 17, 2020: June 17 Elementary ESL Summary Document

Fifteen ESL professionals from all over Quebec met on Zoom for an hour and a half of sharing, discussing, and exchanging their thoughts ideas about C1 activities, End-of-Year activities, and Preparing for Next Year.  

May 22, 2020: Elementary ESL Café Summary

The first Online Elementary ESL Café was held on May 22, 2020.  ESL professionals from all over Quebec met on Zoom for an hour and a half of sharing, discussing, and exchanging their thoughts ideas about the current teaching situation.