A must-see for teachers who want to see the Daily 5 in action!

“Since its publication, teachers throughout the world have made The Daily 5 one of the most widely read books in education. Through this proven structure, teachers experience for themselves the power of students gaining independence and monitoring their own behaviors.” CVE

This two-hour video, published on the CVE website, can be divided into three parts.  The first two parts take viewers into a grade 3 and a grade 5 classroom where teachers are preparing students for the Daily 5 activities.  The last third of the video describes how this structure can be used for teaching math.  Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, “The 2 Sisters” responsible for the development of the Daily 5, are present to assist and guide us through setting up this empowering literacy structure in our classrooms.

In the first part, Gail and third-grade teacher, Hollie Gebhardt review the 10 Steps to Independence for Work on Writing, give two 5-minute Focus Lessons on Summarizing, and a Focus Lesson on Check for Understanding using a non-fiction book.  

In the second part, Joan and fifth-grade teacher, Monica Myers review the 10 Steps to Independence starting with Read to Self.  They describe brain and body breaks, extending student choice, transitions, and how to guide barometer students into building stamina.

In the last part, the presenters take viewers through the Math Daily 3.

Watch the video and download the teacher’s guide which summarizes the video and gives helpful tips for implementing the Daily 5 structure in the classroom.

To access this video:

  • Click on the CVE icon on your school portal
  • Type Daily 5 into the search bar
  • If you require a username and password, contact your CP.  

Elizabeth Alloul
LEARN Consultant
ESL Special Project