In this growing society of knowledge and technology, there is an array of existing online resources to discover. Sometimes a colleague will mention one, or you’ll read about another on a website or social media page.  Or you might discover one accidentally (but happily!). This series of posts will present interesting tools, applications or sites for you to discover. Our goal is to underline ones that can be used in the ESL classroom.

I would like to start off by presenting a great resource that many of you already have access to through your school portal. If not, I’m sorry! I’ll present other useful resources.

Logo_CVE_web Connecting Videos to Education

CVE was developed by the non-profit organization, Société GRICS (Gestion du réseau informatique des commissions scolaires), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, to allow a non-commercial educational use of quality audiovisual documents. The mission of Société GRICS also includes the computer management requirements, both administrative and pedagogical, of all Quebec’s school boards. They also develop educational products such as REPÈRES, the virtual center for career choice information.

Back to CVE! Browsing through the collection of videos is very simple, thanks to a very user-friendly interface and different ways of conducting a video search. Not only is the site accessible to teachers, but to their students as well. Finding appropriate videos isn’t always an easy task – rest assured, CVE offers a very safe environment, where students can browse through only educational and relevant content. Teachers can also create student groups for their projects.

Videos include animation, documentaries, docu-fiction, dramas, interviews, fiction, reviews, reports and sketches. Many search filters are available, such as keywords, language, clientele and subject area, type of video (e.g. documentary), competency, and more. Also, all videos have been classified in line with the Quebec Education Program

Some videos are accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide tab that has been prepared by professional educators. This tab can contain a teacher’s guide, an LES for an interactive whiteboard, a student booklet and a tool that allows you to create your own quiz, based on the video of your choice.

To access the CVE website
If your school board has a portal and is registered to CVE, you will be able to access CVE directly from the portal.  

Here are some helpful documents:
The CVE User Guide:
Mind Shift – Teacher’s Guide to Using Videos by Caitlin Tucker (2013):