In the present extraordinary context, the situation in education is evolving at a rapid pace and the need for collaboration is more than ever necessary to support and help each other. You don’t need to go it alone!   

On May 8 2020, the IntenSIG Team, a special interest group of SPEAQ and LEARN joined forces for an impromptu online event for Intensive English teachers. It was an opportunity to connect, share ideas and resources, and help prepare for this new teaching reality.  The topics for discussion included:  Organizing Oral InteractionTeaching Students In-Class and At-Home, Online Teaching and Other Technology Teaching Tools and The Daily Grind.  The virtual get-together was a success, with more than 38 Intensive English teachers and educational consultants  participating from all over Quebec. 

The IntenSIG Team thanks everyone for their participation and would like to invite Intensive teachers to the next Intensig Virtual Café on June 4, 2020.  

View the IntenSIG CAFÉ Collaborative Document.