Digital Storytelling


This 6-week project can run from:
October to November OR January to February

Registration deadline for Round 1: September 30th

Project Requirements

  1. Teachers participate in the 1.5hr online Digital Storytelling Workshop delivered by Hands on Media Education, where they learn the details of the 6-week program, important concepts of Digital Literacy and Digital Storytelling & how this program directly applies curriculum links.
  2. Teachers review scripts prepared by students.

Project at a Glance

Week 1

  • 1.5hr Online Digital Storytelling Workshop delivered to teachers
  • Digital Storytelling workshop Module #1 is delivered to students by video and activity template
  • First Zoom/Online Meet-Up takes place with students

Weeks 2-6

  • Modules #2-6 take place: Photography, Storytelling, Storyboarding, Video Editing, Music Creation, & final Digital Storytelling completion

Week 6

  • Virtual Film Screening of Completed Digital Stories will be hosted by Hands On Media Education for students to be held accountable, celebrate each other’s work and learn about each other

Students will be provided with:

  • 6 customized Digital Storytelling workshop video webinars
  • Downloadable workshop materials for students
  • Weekly Zoom/Online Meet-Ups for students
  • Digital Storytelling online community
  • Virtual Screening Event

Teachers will be provided with:

  • Question prompts for students
    (download pdf)
  • Grading rubric (use is optional)
  • Coordinate payment processes with LEARN and/or ELAN

Teachers can ask their school’s Community Development Agent to help:

  • Coordinate activities with Hands on Media Education

Open to students in cycle 3 and up

Registration deadline for Round 1: September 30th

Spots are limited to a maximum
of two classes per school.

The online Digital Storytelling Workshops of this program are from Hands on Media Education